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Trauma Care Saves Lives

The need for accessible, quality trauma care in Florida is clear.  Less than 2 in 5 trauma patients in Florida receive treatment in a designated trauma center, yet research shows that trauma patients have a 25 percent greater chance of survival when treated in a trauma center.  This falls below the national average and the state’s goal, which is to have 65 percent of trauma patients in Florida treated in a licensed trauma center.  Additionally, trauma is the number one cause of death for people ages 1 to 44. 

A guiding principle of trauma care is that patients who are treated within 60 minutes of their initial injury (the “Golden Hour”) have a significantly better chance of survival.  This makes the placement of trauma centers about patient travel time and population density as well as about geography. 

HCA trauma centers in Florida:

  • Are focused on saving lives, improving local access to quality trauma care and services, and reintegrating patients back into their communities.
  • Are working together to enhance access to top-quality trauma care throughout the state and save more lives.
  • Are in Trauma Service Areas (TSAs) with either no trauma centers or with more than 1 million people per trauma center.
  • Represent a $31 million investment to provide leading technologies and specialized doctors and staff that mean better care and more choices for patients – and at no cost to Florida taxpayers.
  • Have a survival rate higher than all other trauma centers at 96.8 percent compared to 96.4 percent.
  • Have provided care to more than 17,000 trauma patients since opening and saved countless lives.

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